HOW THEY (Kashmiries) DO IT.”Giving Farewell to Pakistani and Local martyrs in Kashmir is not easy. “

How they do it. Giving Farewell to Pakistani and Local martyrs in Kashmir is not easy.


Kashmiri Muslim villagers carry the body of suspected militant Nissar Ahmed Wani, during his funeral procession in Adipora, northwest of Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. Indian government forces killed a suspected rebel in a gunbattle Wednesday in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, officials said. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)

IMG_5378Tearful Farewells to the martyrs Of Kashmir Freedom struggle:-

Just to give them (martyrs) a big tribute Risking there Lives they (Kashmiries) left there house early in the morning sometimes late in the evening, with stones in there Hands so that they can give indian Forces a reply to their bullets, they cover there faces with a piece of cloth, they travel 100 km’s from one corner to another and with there love and risks they participate in the Funerals and last riots of “Martyrs” with tears and dream of #Aazadi in there eyes, pain and hope of Aazadi in heart they participate in thousands and lakhs.   

Special Graveyards for our “martyrs”:-

#Kashmir known for its beauty, brotherhood, Resistance and other such things but like some other parts of the world Kashmir is the most conservative region where graveyards are hardly shared because of high population and low space especially When it comes to a normal death, the body cannot be buried unless the dead own the space in Graveyard, but the interesting thing is that when it comes to militants particularly foreigners this principle is seen irrelevent. There is hardly any graveyard in Kashmir (South, Central, North ) which does not keep an Separate and managed epitaph of a militant. This was particularly started in the initial phase of militancy in 90’s as in 90’s we have seen huge number of foreigners in the ranks of militant groups. Their bodies were welcomed in the local graveyards like the kashmiries are doing presently irrespective of their nationality, colour or race.as1-10007626-1438970489-1288348194

in past we witnessed when three villages in south kashmir’s Pulwama distt fought for two to three days over the issue of bodies of two Pakistani Mujahid’s who were killed by Indian forces in Khrew in april 2014, not only that history has repeated such facts a lot of times, i still remember the day when banners of the Martyrs Graveyard were desecrated and brought down by government forces and the people of the samboora and adjusting areas protested for 15 days.

Some observers, political analysts and kashmir experts believe, that there is a perceptible change in the people’s response towards separatist’s calls for defiance as people want now something new then that of a strike call. People don’t follow some such calls in present times the way they would. But for “martyrs” people have shown either less change or no change at all. They don’t wait for Hurriyat’s call for shutdown and they (kashmiries) never deny for slain militants body. Observers have noticed that when a militant gets “martyrdom” in an encounter people observe shutdown of their own and protest even risking there lives.
Participation of people (Kashmiries) in Funeral prayers of Martyrs:-

i know you have heard about the huge participation of people in funeral prayers of some good islamic and mainstream leaders but in kashmir people participate in the funeral of “martyrs” in thousands, some times in lakhs. if the government forces will allow everybody to participate in such funerals world will witness millions of people in every funeral or a million march in every funeral of a local as well as a foreigner martyrs. Even people love to participle in such funerals and that is why they travel from north to south and south to north for giving them “martyrs” a big Tribute.

1398539228-thousands-attend-funeral-of-proindependence-fighter-in-kashmir_4567591In Kashmir whenever a foreigner Mujahid gets “martyrdom” not only the men even the women especially mothers, sisters, Batterhalf of those “martyrs” who sacrificed them selves for the #Aazadi of kashmir participate with proud in every such funeral and weep, cry like a mother, sister, batterhalf cry’s, weeps when she lost her own.
Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, but claimed in its entirety by both. Since 1989, militant groups have been fighting for Kashmir’s independence or its merger with neighboring Pakistan. More than 1 lakh people have been killed in the armed rebellion and subsequent Indian crackdown.

Though incidents of violence have largely been suppressed by Indian forces, public opposition to Indian rule remains widespread in the mostly Muslim territory and is now mainly expressed through street protests.



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